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Why You Should Job Search In The Summer

Why You Should Job Search in the Summer

By Kelly Gillis Contributing Writer at Quantum

Your job search may be the last thing you want to think about when cook-outs and beach chairs are calling your name. But…

Summer can be a prime time to score the perfect opportunity.

Positions still need to be filled…

Although it seems like everyone is in vacation mode, the truth is most companies are open for business year-round. In fact, summer can be the busiest time of the year for certain industries, like construction. Employers are looking for skilled workers to either fill in for staff on vacation or to work as regular employees beyond the summer months.

…and there can be fewer applicants.

Many job seekers will put off their search until the fall so they can enjoy summer and avoid competing with recent graduates entering the job market. These two reasons combine to make a smaller applicant pool for open positions. Great news for you!

Hiring managers have more time to review your résumé.

Depending on the industry, hiring managers can have fewer to-dos on their plate, come summertime – meaning that when you submit your awesome application, they will actually have time to review it without ten competing priorities.

You’re more likely to score that informational interview.

With the slower pace at home and at work, busy people will be more likely to say yes to your coffee meeting request. So, if you’ve been considering a different career path or are interested in a particular job, go ahead and invite that person you admire to grab a drink (hopefully on a patio!) and learn more.

You can take advantage of the low competition and high spirits summer brings to rejuvenate your job search.

Your future’s so bright, you’ve got to wear shades! Check out our current job listings now.

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