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Don’t Be Fooled. Temping Is A Good Move.

Don’t be fooled. Temping is a good move.

By Nerrissa Boudreau
Corporate Communications Specialist
& Contributing Writer at Quantum

Whether you are fresh out of school, actively job hunting, or stuck in a rut in your current position, trying to decide on your next career move is never easy.  

For most of us, finding the right path involves some trial and error in the workforce – discovering our strengths and developing our skills as we go along. One of the best ways to do that is through temporary jobs.

Temping has been stigmatized and labeled for years as an option of last resort. However, as the job market evolves increasingly into a gig economy, more people are choosing to become the CEO of their own destiny. Depending on your personal circumstances, temping might actually be the perfect decision and one you should consider. Read on to discover why.

It exposes you to options.

Temp positions allow you to try a variety of tasks, helping you narrow down your interests, explore what you’re good at, and experience different environments. You’ll also get to meet people at various levels – individuals who can serve as mentors and provide additional insight. The more knowledge you have under your belt, the easier it will be to design your career.

It builds up your resume.

Do you have the experience required to land your dream job? Have you mastered the skills necessary to excel in it? Regardless of your answer, it is always a smart move to add to your wheelhouse and enrich your resume. Few things do that like on-the-job experience.

It allows you to pursue other goals.

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own business, taking some classes, or planning a few extended trips abroad, the flexibility of temping gives you an opportunity to set your own schedule. You can work when you want and only as much as you need.

Temporary work isn’t always so temporary.

Many organizations are turning away from traditional, full-time employment, opting instead to hire temp workers for various length contracts. This strategy gives both parties the chance to see if the job is a good fit. When a company recognizes that they have a great employee on their hands, however, they will often extend the contract or offer them a permanent spot on the team

Still not convinced? I’m proof that temping works! Competing with many talented fellow grads, and with no real-world experience, my options seemed limited when I hit the job market. I took a chance with an internship at Quantum, which led to three separate – and very different – temporary contracts, before landing my full-time role in Communications.  I first sampled advertising, then was hired to coordinate a major project for an industrial client, and finally provided administrative support for the company’s health care division.  Each subsequent assignment allowed me to meet new people and build a name for myself. When a permanent role opened up in my field, I didn’t even have to apply – the Department Head immediately thought of me.

Four years into it, on this April Fool’s Day, I’m thankful I wasn’t fooled into rejecting a temporary assignment. ?

Temporary, permanent, or contract, Quantum may have the right role for you. Check out our jobs today!

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