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5 Ways To Get Your Boss To Love You

5 Ways to Get Your Boss to Love You

If you are looking to grow and prosper, not only in your current job but in your overall career, the more committed you are to forming a good relationship with your boss, the better off you’ll be (and yes, this applies even if you don’t particularly like them. ?)

Aside from overseeing your day-to-day, your boss can also have considerable influence over your long-term professional progression. Whether it is writing a sterling reference letter for you, selecting you for a training program that will allow you to develop valuable new skills, or offering you a promotion, if you are looking to move up, your boss is someone you want in your corner.  However, this begs the question…

How can you earn your boss’ favour?

While every individual is different and management styles vary, here are some surefire ways to build a stronger relationship with your supervisor. Some of them may come naturally to you, and others may take a bit more effort – but they are worth the investment.  After all, it’s always useful to have friends in high places!

Don’t get hung up on your boss’ mood

Bosses are human and, as such, they too are susceptible to changing moods. And while undoubtedly some people are more volatile than others, the trick is to keep your disposition at a constant when dealing with your higher-up. When your manager is upset, remain cool and calm, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you become indispensable.

Be confident in your work

While it is always nice to be told you are doing a good job, it is important not to get hung up on the need for praise. Instead of waiting to hear how well you did, have confidence in your work and your abilities. Projecting self-assurance and having conviction in your expertise is another way you can build a foundation of trust and respect with your boss.

Be forthcoming

Everybody needs to take a day off work occasionally; however, whenever possible, be sure to give your boss as much notice as possible beforehand. This consideration can go a long way, as it not only gives your boss the opportunity to plan for your absence but also demonstrates a level of responsibility and commitment to the company’s operations.

Manage yourself

A boss’ mandate is to guide, manage, and direct employees. It’s a demanding job – and being interrupted incessantly can be both unproductive and frustrating. Choose your questions wisely and develop your instinct to solve problems autonomously as they arise. This will not only show initiative on your part, but your boss will appreciate that you are not adding needlessly to his/her plate.

Go above and beyond your job description

If you are looking to grow in your career, then you need to view your job description as a list of the minimum requirements, rather than a “written-in-stone” list of your daily activities. This goes a long way in not only gaining respect from your fellow employees when you do that little bit extra, but your boss will also notice you are going above and beyond the call of duty, which is exactly what matters when the time comes for a promotion or raise.

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