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SHINING A LIGHT ON HIDDEN GEMS: Why Hiring Older Candidates Can Be A Brilliant Move

SHINING A LIGHT ON HIDDEN GEMS: Why Hiring Older Candidates can be a Brilliant Move

By Renée Cohen
Proposal Manager & Contributing Writer at Quantum

The word “diamond” stems from the root “adamas,” a Greek word which roughly translates to invincible and enduring. Fittingly, 60th year anniversary and birthday celebrations are associated with diamonds. Unfortunately, sexagenarians are not always as highly valued as the precious stones with which they share this association.

Quantum recruiter Chantale Waty wants to shed some light on this often ignored and underserved demographic. Although she remains optimistic that positive changes are on the horizon for older job seekers, she hopes to persuade more employers that candidates from this age group are actually the hidden gems of the workforce.

“Inevitably, over the next few years there will be an increase in workers who are in their 50s and 60s,” Chantale says. Reasons for this vary widely, but some factors include the ageing population and the economic repercussions of the pandemic. Consequently, it is vital that employers give senior candidates, including those who are 60 and above, their due consideration.

A commonly held fear of many employers is that candidates from this segment of the population are not likely to be up to speed with technology. However, that fear doesn’t hold water, because as Chantale points out, “just like any other skill, technological savvy depends entirely upon the individual in question and upon the positions they previously held throughout their career.”

Having successfully placed many open-minded senior job seekers who were eager to learn and embrace new ideas ─ including technology-based concepts ─ Chantale maintains that these individuals should also be recognized for their maturity, loyalty, and invaluable wealth of professional experience. Furthermore, everybody benefits when companies are comprised of diverse employees who represent a wide range of ages.

When onboarding older employees, companies can generally expect stable, committed relationships ─ even if that sometimes means having to provide additional training. Older employees tend to want to finish out their working days within the same company, which can mean several years of steadfast loyalty.

These days, retiring at 65 is not necessarily de rigueur. Currently, throughout the province of Quebec, there are over 194,100 workers over the age of 65, and that trend is on the rise.

Quantum is prepared to help both employers and employees meet the challenge of today’s changing employment market. For more than 50 years, Quantum has been ensuring inclusion for job seekers of all ages, from those just starting out, to those who are more experienced in the 50 and 60+ set.

After all, gems weren’t meant to be hidden, they shine more brilliantly in the light.

Need someone who brings experience to your team? In Quebec City, reach out directly to Chantale. For other parts of Canada, you can connect with a local recruiter here.

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